Inflatable Air Packaging Protective Bubble Pack Wrap Bag

Name:Inflatable Air Packaging Protective Bubble Pack Wrap Bag

Product Description

This durable and efficient pack protects from shock and vibration. The design features a series of adjoining air tubes that are securely inflated to cushion and protect lightweight products during shipment. The tubes are connected via a series of patented one-way valves. If one chamber is punctured, the others remain inflated. 

The packaging comes deflated for easy storage. A small compressor or even a hand pump for blowing up balls is all that is required to inflate this packaging. 

Laminated using PE and nylon with air valve film in between, heat pressed with a high temperature mold to melt them together.

Bag Size: Length24cmXWidth22cm( Before Inflated)

void fill bag

air column bag

air column bag


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